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The Old School

What Merits Are There To The 19th-Century Schooling System?

A Quick Take On Twitter As A Learning Tool

Can Twitter be used as a learning tool, in conjunction with — or independent of — the classroom?

Are Podcasts An Effective Way To Learn?

Is listening to a podcast—or watching a video podcast (a Vidcast)—really that appealing? Effective?

Wikis in Group Learning

Ever since wikis emerged, I’ve loved the idea of using them to learn as a team. That’s a large part of what we now call Informal Learning.

Learning to Learn, Part I

More and more people are talking on the Web about the basic, yet the most important stuff: Is managing e-mail is worth your time? What should you use the Web for? What’s really important in life? Along those lines, here are notes about how to learn—as I’ve seen it.

A Bloggish Look At Knowles’ Conclusion

The Greek roots of “Pedagogy” translate to “leading a child.” In that respect—a teacher leading a learner—not much has changed in the shift from pedagogy to andragogy, or from “teaching” to “adult learning,” even if the methods have.

W-Learning: Potential and Peril

The Age of W-Learning is here. Another buzzword? Yet another gimmick? Before we write it off, let’s take a closer look. (By the way, “W-Learning” is “Wiki-Learning.”)

The funny thing about the human brain is that it has a mind of its own. It behaves like people do, perhaps in a less sophisticated way. Let’s pit that observation against something like Wikipedia and see what happens. Think about teaching, engagement, learning, retention.